Audiocination LIVE! tonight at 10:30pm at the Park Bar and Grill! Come with your friends to enjoy some powerful live music at this great venue with our amazing host Kendra!

 AUDIOCINATION LIVE! Fri June 24th at THE TRIP, don't miss it!!

We're playing live at the Park Bar and Grill in Burbank on Friday January 22nd at 9:30pm, come support your local music venues and bands!
We'll be sharing the stage with:
For Sanity's Sake
John Dissed and the Discontents

Come join us for some rockin' times on Wednesday October 21st at 8pm at

Mark your calendars! Ready your jets! Reimagine your lives! Book your limousines! Ignore your bosses! Forget your obligations!
Audiocination Live!
Sept 10th at 10:30pm, at

We're playing an acoustic show on June 27th at 8:30pm at 
Malone's, 604 E Dyer Rd,
Santa Ana, CA 92705

 See you guys there we'll rock the house (acoustically)!!

Free 16oz PBR or Cocktail” at the bar when you show the  Mint App ( can be downloaded at )!

Come rock out with us !

Come out for a night of great music at an awesome venue! 
Sunday November 2nd at 10:30pm

we'll be sharing the stage with

 Christie Huff ( and 
 The Hurt and The Heartbeat ( 

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 27th at 9pm live at The Park Bar and Grill, 2007 W Burbank Blvd Burbank, CA 91506, $5 cover. This is a full band show with a bunch of new songs that we will try live for the first time, come join us for a great night of rock and roll!

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 4th at 11:30pm live at the
we will be playing with the full band, the amazing Fabrizio Boggiano on guitar, Jessica Fagre on bass,  and Chris Gregory on drums. Come join us for a rocking evening!

TUESDAY AUGUST 11th at the Parlour Salon in Silverlake, 
3512 Crestmont Ave
Los Angeles CA 90026.

We'll be playing an acoustic show with two guitars, come enjoy an evening of music with us!

FRIDAY JULY 11th at 11pm live at the we will be playing UNPLUGGED with acoustic guitars and the amazing Fabrizio Boggiano on guitar and Jessica Fagre on bass, come join us for a good time! email/txt us and we'll put you on the free guest list!!